Date: 19/12/2011  Place: Hindu premises, Nacharam

As part of academic curriculum it is compulsory part for all MBA students to conduct an industrial visit which was organized on 19/12/2011 to MS. The Hindu. This industrial visit provided an insight on how company work and also useful information related to the course which cannot be visualized in lectures. The students were exposed to the basic concept adopted by the company in Operations, Marketing, Human Resource and Finance.

The students got an opportunity to interact with their operation manager, Marketing manager, R & D Manager, HR and Finance Managers .The inquisitiveness of the students was quenched by the people engaged in the company. Most of the enthusiastic students interacted with the staff and enquired about their operation techniques, turnover, marketing and HR activities different problems faced by them in their respective departments. Few students also showed interest in their Logistics Working. Mr. Giri elucidated on different Modus operandi of news paper Market. He highlighted how the company markets its product. The students were happy & satisfied with the attention given to them.