At PVRR we believe networking with, and learning from, working business practitioners is a vital part of the MBA experience. That's why we incorporate a series of guest lectures into our curriculum, not as an ad hoc optional activity, but as a structured, mandatory, assessed part of your learning.

The course

The course consists of a series of highly interactive lectures by guest speakers followed, in the majority of cases, by a networking event. Each lecture is timed to align with taught material, so you get valuable professional insights about subjects as you study them.

The assessment

Students are assessed through a series of reflective reports, critiquing the lectures and drawing out key information, and an examination.

The benefits

  • Linking theory to practical application
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Insights from a wide range of industries and sectors
  • Greater awareness of contemporary business issues
  • Simultaneous academic and practitioner perspectives on core business disciplines
  • Experience of quickly putting together short, critical and reflective reports suitable for line management


Mr. Manoj Kumar Varma Senior executive at Britania Group  
Shri A.Govardhan He is a Chartered Accountant over 25 years of experience in Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Stock Broking, Public Issues, Wealth Management, Clearing and Settlement, Bonds, Treasury, Venture Capital and Depository System etc. He worked at a very senior level for organizations like Natco Laboratories Limited, Vijay Growth Financial Services Limited (An associate of KARVY and APIDC), Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, Ness Technologies Limited, Oracle Financial Services Limited and Wipro Limited. During this period he worked in client accounts of Franklin Templeton, INVESCO, JP Morgan and UBS which are all more than USD 500 billion to 3 trillion organizations